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Poszukiwanie nowych rozwiązań ściśle związanych z podróżami kosmicznymi przyczyniło się do rozwoju wielu gałęzi przemysłu. I tak na przykład dzięki unowocześnianiu budowy teleskopów, możemy cieszyć się tak zaawansowanym sprzętem medycznym, jak chociażby LASIK. Bez wątpienia zastosowanie technologii kosmicznej odnajdziemy również w domu.

Tym samym otwieramy facebook'owy cykl technologii kosmicznych wykorzystywanych w domach. 

Technologie kosmiczne w domu

17 lutego 2022

Fotografia krajobrazu

Pędzimy do Was jak kometa z zaproszeniem do udziału w konkursie fotograficznym. Kierujemy go do małych i dużych marzycieli, których głowa jest pełna fantazji nie tylko o międzygalaktycznych podróżach.


Konkurs fotograficzny 

17 września 2021


Chcemy spełniać marzenia: te przyziemne i kosmiczne, dlatego nawiązujemy współpracę z Fundacją Odpowiedzialni Za Marzenia.

Niech nasze głowy sięgają marzeń i obiegają nie tylko miasta ale i cały Układ Słoneczny. Miło nam i cieszymy się, że to "niemożliwe" będziemy mogli osiągać we współpracy z fundacją.

Współpraca z F. Odpowiedzialni Za Marzenia

31 sierpnia 2021


The full moon holds a significance for us through its splendor, adding beauty to the night sky. The moons of Saturn and Jupiter also add beauty to these magnificent planets. A telescope, that essentially serves as a bigger eye, helps us resolve these moons.

Obserwacje astronomiczne

24 czerwca 2021


Cel: obiekty naziemne i panorama Ełku

Obserwacje z wieży widokowej

18 czerwca 2021

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-10 at 19.53.56.jpeg

Winter, forest and a 5-kilometer hike through the thickets are what we like the most. Equipped with long-range radios, maps and first aid kits, we set off into the unknown through the white fluff-covered forest of Bródno. As we predicted, reaching most of the checkpoints required us not only to orientate ourselves in the terrain, but also to experience wading through thickets and swamps. Cooperation and communication with other groups turned out to be extremely helpful. The expedition ended with collecting all the points and arranging space-related slogans. Although each group set off in a different direction, we found each other after almost three hours of hiking around the fire, where deserved treats were waiting for us.

Marsz na orientację

22 stycznia 2021


Finally, we started astrophotography in the lunar version. It took a little more than usual patience to capture the beauty of our natural satellite. After joint astronomical observations, when everyone had gone home, we decided to take the opportunity to photograph a few shots of the craters. The photos were taken with a camera and astronomical binoculars; and as you can see, the effects are surprising. You can see here not only the clear edges of the globe, but also the lunar seas on its surface. In the future, we plan to connect photography equipment to our MAK180 telescope; which will certainly allow for even more accurate photographs of the moon. Who knows? Maybe we can see something more?

Obserwacje Księżyca

3 października 2020


After all, this is our third meeting in the series of astronomical observations as part of the "Closer to Heaven" project and cooperation with the Mobile Astronomical Observatory. This time, we invited a slightly larger group of enthusiasts and interested people to astronomical observations at night. Using binoculars, we were able to see the full and clear discs of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter with its four largest Moons. It turned out that such events are a treat not only for children, but also for adults. With the help of a laser pointer (at the meeting called the Jedi sword), we pointed to individual planets, constellations and satellites flying over us, as well as the international space station ISS.

Obserwacje astronomiczne

12 września 2020


The result of cooperation with the Mobile Astronomical Observatory was the receipt of a grant for the purchase of the powerful TS Optics 28x110 MX Marine astronomical binoculars (photos). Observations of the Sun and the sunspots on its surface took place around noon and lasted over two hours. Setting up next to the city beach turned out to be a great idea; Ełk residents could take the opportunity to safely see sunspots - some of them for the first time in their lives. Courtesy of one of our friends who are passionate about space, we were lent to the Levenhuk Skyline Pro MAK 80 telescope, which was also great for observing sunspots.

Obserwacje Słońca

6 września 2020


MarsLab takes its first steps in establishing cooperation with non-governmental organizations. Today, during an outdoor meeting, we sealed cooperation with the Mobile Astronomical Observatory operating in Ełk. Although the weather was initially bad and the clouds covered most of the sky, we were able to conduct a mini lecture on astronomical observations and listen to interesting facts about the activities of MOA. The astronomical telescope that we will be able to use in the future allows us to observe not only planets but also deep sky objects; what we are going to see on the next astronomical observations.

Współpraca z Mobilnym Obserwatorium Astr.

3 września 2020